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Blick über den Tellerrand vom 22. August 2009

  • Ninety songs of The Noughties – DiS Editor's Picks (P2K Alternative) (21. August 2009)

    DiS is still mulling over the decade that was and pondering who the most important acts were, what the best gig was and which labels/events/films/books/websites/moments really truly mattered. To soundtrack my thought process, I’ve compiled this playlist of my favourite songs of the decade and thought I’d join the opensource revolution and share this playlist with you all.

  • WordPress Standard Widgets deaktivieren (20. August 2009)

    Nicht immer möchte man alle Widgets, die der WordPress Core so mitbringt, im Theme aktiv haben. Das haben sich auch die Entwickler von WordPress gedacht und eine entsprechende Funktion mitgeliefert anstatt die Widgets in ein Plugin, gern auch als Core Plugin, ausgelagert.

  • RIAA, Downloading and Copyrights (20. August 2009)

    Today, recordings are digitally altered and the final product has a bare association with the person who claims to have created it. The RIAA claims they are defending these performing artists. But contemporary society no longer has Performing Artists (singers); we have Recording Artists who provide Frequency-Altered Recorded Talent (FARTs). The voice and accompaniment have been compressed, transformed and squeezed through a computational sphincter — a USB port. And the same computational technology that enables recording engineers to ‘clean up and enhance a song, also enables us, the public, to share, via the internet, such performance data — oops! sorry, I mean – music.

Freiheit statt Angst (Trailer für die Demo am 12.09.2009)

Warum die Demo am 12.09.2009 in Berlin stattfindet und warum man teilnehmen sollte, verrät der folgende Trailer (falls man es nicht sowieso schon weiß):

Das Video stammt von Alexander Svensson und steht unter einer CC-Lizenz (by-nc-sa). Mehr zur Demo unter

Wir sehen uns also am vorletzten Wochenende vor der Bundestagswahl…