Blick über den Tellerrand vom 27. May 2011

Massive Doctor Who Audio Bargains! (25. May 2011)

We’re delighted to announce a series of one-day sales called ‘Big Finish Week’. It starts on June 6th, and features a selection of Doctor Who double-CD releases available to buy from for just £5 each for one day only.

Seriencheck (XLI) (24. May 2011)

Der 41. Seriencheck mit einer spektakulären Neuerung! Ab sofort erhält jede Serie, die ich über mehr als vier Episoden verfolgt habe, einen absoluten Abschlusswert.

Complete Seventh Doctor Adventures (so far…) (16. May 2011)

The Doctor’s Wife (15. May 2011)

I also have a little issue with a throwaway line that states Time Lords can regenerate into either sex, male or female. The little joke Tom Baker and former producer John Nathan-Turner decided to play at Tom’s press conference as he was leaving as the Fourth Doctor has really gone too far. I can only think of what poor Leela would think if Andred turned into someone named Adriana one fine morning or what David Campbell might think when the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan turns into a man named Solomon.

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