Blick über den Tellerrand vom 15. März 2011

First Listen: Glasvegas – EUPHORIC/// HEARTBREAK\ (14. March 2011)

The verdict – A natural progression. No-one expected them to tear up the rulebook, but on the evidence of this it’s not like they even needed to. As hard-hitting as their debut but more expansive and less one-dimensional. ‘Glasvegas’ had the songs; ‘EUPHORIC/// HEARTBREAK‘ has everything else on top.

Serial 155: Battlefield (23. February 2011)

It came to my attention just after wrapping up the commentary section that Nicholas Courtney, otherwise known as The Brigadier, sadly passed away today, February 22, 2011 at the ripe old age of 81. Just looking at that sentence I just wrote, it’s tough to process, but I’m going to try and articulate exactly how I feel and how much Nicholas Courtney’s portrayal of one of the best companions in Doctor Who history means to me.

Love is a Mixtape – Teil 2: Die Songs (19. February 2011)

Ein Meer aus Nebel (15. February 2011)

Ten Top Spotify Tips! (16. February 2011)

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